The DFT-gCP-D3 energy for a given molecule M is calculated by adding the gCP and D3 contribution to the DFT energy

$E_M^{DFT\-gCP\-D3}= E^{DFT}+E^{gCP}+E^{D3}$ ,

where $E^{D3}$ is dispersion energy from the D3-correction, $E^{gCP}$ the energy from the gCP correction and $E^{DFT}$ the DFT energy.

Binding Energies of Complexes

For the calculation of binding energies of molecular complexes the DFT-gCP-D3 energy for all involved molecules
(and not just for the complex itself) has to be calculated.

I.e. for the complex AB of molecule A and B, the binding energy is calculated as


For the methodological details see publications
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